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  • When Not to Listen to Your Friends in a Divorce

    || 20-Apr-2014

    As a divorce attorney who focuses on "creative and effective settlements" rather than "down and dirty litigation", what really makes me roll my eyes at parties is when I hear statements like "My friends tell me I need an agressive attorney to get what is mine" or "But my friend said she got X-Y-Z in her divorce". One of my mantra statements is "Stop ...
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  • Keeping the Assets That Mean Most to You

    || 2-Aug-2013

    When a couple comes to the conclusion that their marriage is over, there are numerous factors which must be considered in order to get a final divorce decree. As the state of Florida is an equitable distribution state, the couple must first decide how their marital assets and debts will be divided. Should the couple be unable to come up with an agreement as to the division of property and assets, ...
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