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If you are facing divorce or another family law matter, then you need the skilled representation of a Broward County divorce attorney on your side who can work with you to aggressively pursue a favorable outcome for your situation. In Broward County, there are many different options that you may be able to choose from, so what makes Lindsay A. Feldman, P.A. a better lawyer for you? Besides the fact that I am a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, I am also intent on providing my clients with the legal assistance and skilled representation that they need. I also work alongside my clients and around their schedules in order to produce the best possible preparation for their cases.

I work with my clients from start to finish of their situations in order to fully understand their needs. I am focused on providing representation that effectively pursues favorable results but also saves time and money for my clients. I understand that you may have children, a job, bills, and many other responsibilities and because of these, you are unable to devote 100% of your time to this legal issue. You can feel safe and confident that I will work with you to make the necessary provisions in any divorce, custody, or property dispute situation that you face. I can present your case in court, if necessary, but I am also skilled at handling divorce mediation. I will pursue the quickest, most cost-effective method possible to resolve your divorce for you.

15+ Years of Legal Experience

Facing divorce can be one of the most difficult experiences of your life, and you need a representative who understands the situation and can effectively pursue a favorable negotiation or judgment. If you are facing a family law matter, then do not waste any time in retaining legal representation. The sooner you obtain assistance, the more time we will have to strengthen your case.

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