Keeping the Assets That Mean Most to You

When a couple comes to the conclusion that their marriage is over, there are numerous factors which must be considered in order to get a final divorce decree. As the state of Florida is an equitable distribution state, the couple must first decide how their marital assets and debts will be divided. Should the couple be unable to come up with an agreement as to the division of property and assets, they will be facing litigation and a divorce trial. In a contested divorce, all matters pertaining to custody, property, spousal support, assets, debts and other such aspects will be brought up in hearings and the judge will have final say as to the equitable distribution of all marital properties.

In cases where one person has specific heirlooms, sentimental possessions and other property that means a lot to him or her, it will be important to take measures to ensure he or she is able to retain those particular assets. A hand-crafted jewelry box handed down from generation to generation is probably something you would not want to see awarded to your spouse during divorce proceedings. Your grandmother's wedding ring is another asset you will probably want to keep in your possession. Inheritance money, or a property, you received from a deceased relative is something you will not want to part with in a divorce. These matters can become very complex when there has been a comingling of funds over the term of the marriage.

The most effective way to protect your most valued possessions is to retain legal representation from an experienced Broward County divorce attorney who will help you file for an uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, both parties are required to come to an agreement as to the division of all property and assets, as well as agreed upon terms for child support, visitation and other related matters. Once the agreement is finalized, a judge will be able to review it and, providing the agreement meets certain legal requirements, a final divorce decree can be issued.

Having an attorney advocating for your rights during divorce proceedings is one of the most valuable resources in the legal system. I, Attorney Lindsay A. Feldman, Esq. have spent the last decade helping clients protect their interests and assets in all types of divorce cases, from simple to very high net worth cases. From the relatively simple, uncontested divorce to the highly-involved, time-consuming contested divorce, I am familiar with them all. I have a complete understanding of family law and I have helped numerous clients successfully resolve the most complex cases at lower cost and better results. You can count on me and my firm to work hard to help you not only keep the assets that mean the most to you, but to help you obtain the most positive outcome for your case. Contact my firm today to schedule your free consultation.

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