Name Change 1-2-3

Having your name changed legally through the Court can as easy as 1-2-3. Our office makes the entire process run seamlessly and quickly. We will handle the entire process, provide you with the information you need and be with you at the Court hearing. We can change your name, the names of your children or the entire family's name. You may change your first name, middle name or last name.

Why Change a Name? Among a Few Reasons.....

  • You had your children prior to being married to your spouse and you now would like your children to have the last name as their father.
  • Upon getting divorced you were not ready to return to your maiden name, but now that the kids are grown you would like to resume use of your maiden name.
  • There was a misspelling on your birth certificate.
  • Everyone knows you by a name that is not your birth certificate and you would like that name to legally become yours.
  • You just don't like your name or the spelling of it!

What Is Involved in Getting Your Name Changed?

  • If you are in the process of getting a divorce, the wife's return to her maiden name can be done at the same time as the divorce, provided that the request is properly pled in the divorce pleadings.
  • Ahead of your appointment (or if you choose to work by email), I will email you an intake form that requests all of the information that needs to be included in your Petition for Name Change. This will include residence information since birth, family member information, eduction, criminal and bankruptcy history... I will then prepare all of the Court pleadings on your behalf. All you need to do is sign and notarize!
  • Getting fingerprinted. Fingerprints will electronically be submitted to the Courts following a background check.
  • A brief Court hearing in your county of residence.

How Long Does a Name Change Take?

Depending on how long it takes for you to get yourself fingerprinted following our filing the Petition for Name Change, and for the Court to receive the results, you can have your name changed in well less than two (2) months.

At Lindsay A. Feldman, P.A.,, I dedicate myself to the utmost in client service. Communication with you is paramount in your case so that you know exactly what is going on in your case and so that the confusion of the Court process is entirely eliminated.

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