Steps to Being Divorced in a Month

STEP 1. If you think that you and your husband/wife are in agreement as to the terms of a divorce, please call or email Lindsay A. Feldman, PA at We can schedule an appointment for you to come in to meet with me and for you to provide the information that I will need to prepare the proper paperwork for the divorce, or I can email an information form and credit card authorization to you for you to complete. Many people choose to work by email when time is of the essence or it is difficult to take time away from work or the kids.

STEP 2. Once you have returned the required information to my office and first half of the flat fee, I can start drafting your paperwork

STEP 3. If you are working by email and do not have any assets/debts, children or support issues, I will have all of the divorce pleadings emailed back to you the same day. If there are any assets/debts, children or support issues, I will typically have all of the paperwork ready for you the following day. I may call or email you to speak to you about certain details of your Agreements so that they accurately and completely reflect how you want your divorce resolved and to avoid potential future conflicts with your spouse. If you do come into the office and do not have any assets/debts, children or support issues, the paperwork will be completed while you meet with me. If there are any assets/debts, children or support issues, we can schedule a follow-up appointment to review and pick-up the paperwork at your convenience.

STEP 4. Both you and your spouse must sign the paperwork and each complete a Financial Affidavit. Do not worry! I provide detailed instructionas and I can walk you through the documents should you need any help.

STEP 5. Return the fully completed and signed paperwork to me, along with the second half of the flat fee. At this point, I will file the paperwork with the Clerk, schedule a hearing date (I will do my best to coordinate this with your schedule) and notify you of the date, which is typically about 3 weeks from the date we file the papers.

STEP 6. If you have children you must attend a Florida Parenting Course. Most people opt to take the class online. I can provide you with a list of approved websites. If you are filing in Miami and have minor children, any children between the ages of 6-17 must take in person the “Sandcastles” Course. These classes must be taken prior to the Final Hearing.

STEP 7. Attend the Final Hearing with me. Only the person filing for the divorce need attend. It is brief and I will be there with you every step of the way. Again, no reason to worry!

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