Blog Posts in 2013

  • Can Mediation Speed Up Divorce Proceedings?

    || 5-Aug-2013

    There are a number of key matters which must be resolved in divorce proceedings. Some of the most volatile or contested issues involve child custody, spousal support, asset and property division, as well as visitation rights. It is extremely important, regardless of the circumstances which led up to the divorce, that both parties retain some semblance of compassion and civility when negotiating ...
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  • Keeping the Assets That Mean Most to You

    || 2-Aug-2013

    When a couple comes to the conclusion that their marriage is over, there are numerous factors which must be considered in order to get a final divorce decree. As the state of Florida is an equitable distribution state, the couple must first decide how their marital assets and debts will be divided. Should the couple be unable to come up with an agreement as to the division of property and assets, ...
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  • Benefits of mediating your case

    || 4-Jun-2013

    MEDIATION Mediation is an extremely effective means of resolving parties' differences in the divorce process and allows a husband and wife, or mother and father, to decide how their court case will be resolved. The process is confidential and the meeting(s) cannot be later used in court to help or hurt either person's position in the case. As a mediator, Lindsay A. Feldman, Esq., is ...
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  • Benefits of an Uncontested Dissolution of Marriage

    || 26-Mar-2013

    Benefits of an Uncontested Dissolution of Marriage The fastest and least expensive type of divorce is an uncontested dissolution of marriage: where you and your spouse reach an Agreement which resolves all aspects of your divorce (timesharing, child support, equitable distribution, alimony). With an uncontested case, the party filing for the divorce need only to appear in front of a judge for a ...
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  • Financial Matters to Consider When Preparing for Divorce

    || 24-Jan-2013

    If you are thinking about filing for divorce from your spouse, then you need to contact an attorney today and get started on the process. Before you serve your spouse the papers, there are a few financial considerations that you may want to talk over with your attorney. According to the Divorce Resort, a popular hotel where the hotel staff and employees can help spouses to have an enjoyable last ...
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